Free E-Mail Addresses

Service Address Comment Rated
2bmail Serviced by FetchMail for the UK.
AltaVista Email
Angelfire Mail 4MB of free storage
AlloyMail Just a ok interface.
AmexMail Poor user interface, but worth a look. You have to sign up for's mail list. *
Apex Mail Great interface and it is very reliable. ****
BBoy Hip Hop Dance Culture
BusinessWeek Email Good interface. Serviced by Comm-touch.
ByteMe Good interface with low ad impact. Good interface.
Canoe Mail Good interface.
ChickMail Speaks for itself
CoolMail One with voice and 800 number email.
CollegeClub Has other services like paging email and via 800 number voice email and webcam service.
CODEC Good interface, but slow access from the US.
Catholic Online You can block incoming email or restrict to a known set of users.
Chek Mail Full line of free email services.
CBS SportsMail Free email with sports domain names.
CNN/SI Email
CNN Email
Care-Mail (others) Also has greeting cards.
clan mail I use this one ..good for gamers. SPAM-Free ****
CyberGrrl Live chat and forums
DogMail Good interface
DC Email service provider Everyone.Net.
Daily Web Planner Good set of extras like calendar, day timer.
EntrepreneurMag Good business email
EasySpace Also offers a web space (25 mg) that you must sign up for to get free email.
EDTN Network
Educastmail Serviced by Comm-touch. Heavy on the spam
Eudora Web-Mail Lycos service
Fetchmail Real good interface. ***
Fiberia Sign up for their free home page.
Flairmail user@(Lots to choose) Good set of filters and features.
FlashMail Lotsa extras
FnMail Also has free pop and free forwarding services.
FortuneCity Sign up for a free home page and get free email too.
Friendly E-mail user@(many) Has a wide array of free email services.
Garfield's GMail
Grabmail Full array of email services including pop, autoresponders, and forwarding.
Graffiti 20 MB email account, chat, message boards, mailing lists, calendar, emissary, and free 20 megabytes web hosting.
GTEMail provided by
GurlMail Iturf network
Homework Central provided by
Hotbot provided by
Headbone Zone Childrens email.
HotMail Also known as spam ** A Women's Network.
IDG.Net (others) provided by
IGNMail (others) Designed for gamers.
iName user@lots of choices provided by
Jahoopa Host of free web-based email services with filters, address list, mailing list.
Jaydemail An iEntry Network Site
JewishMail Jewish Personals
JoyMail In multi languages.
JuniorMail Under 18 e-mails
K Mail Easy, Fast, Fully customisable Australian Hosting Service.
KC Free email If you are a member, login to access your freemail account.
Lycos Email user@many names provided by
MacBox powered by mail Multilingual support: Romana Russian English
MailCity Lycos affiliated
Mailgate germany
MedMail designed to provide free, secure e-mail to the medical community.
Mini-Mail Wide array of free email services including, filtering, address book, pop3 collection, and email to pager paging.
Martindale Hubbell more) Martindale-Hubbell/ Email Service
MailExcite excite service
Message Box Lots of extras. Address book, sigs, forwarding.
MyGo simple
MyOwnEmail user@(many choices).com My Own Email is owned and operated by Quantum Computer Services
N2Mail user@(many choices).com Good free web-based email service
NandoMail (others) check pop accounts, spell check, filters, signatures, attachments.
NetRadio music theme
Netscape I also use this. good service ***
Newmail international e-mail
Opera Mail Powered by Infinite InterChange (WebMail Interface) v3.61.08
Pinoymail First and Largest Free Filipino E-Mail Service.
Pop email Slow service.
PostMark good features
PostMaster For those in the UK.Multilingual support
ProntoMail Has spell checking, address book, filters, attachments, on a fast server.
QuakeMail For Quake gamers.
QuikeMail (others)
Race eMail more) racing fans, Free 20 Mb Web Site
Racing Home user@racing,hm SPAM-Free/ 6 meg ****
Recycler for recyclers.
ROTFL Rolling On The Floor Laughing.
Sacbee Mail Good Free web based email service
Saint eMail Christian email account - for life! Free email for medical industry with free home pages.
Space eMail (others) Space related domain names.
Start Australia's favourite!
Stork Site Free email for those expecting. for students
SuperNews We were recently acquired by Critical Path, the dominant global provider of business-to-business Internet messaging and collaboration solutions.
Switchboard provided by
The Student Center The Student Center is a web community for students; specifically college students, high school students, and teenagers.
talk21 British Telecommunications plc
theglobe Free email and free homepages. Must sign up for free homepage to get free email.
thirdage basic service provided by lots of great features a few good extras
webmail For South Africans. (others) for newlyweds
WWW2000 from imail
WowMail by a few good extras
Yahoo slow mail **
ynnmail Lotsa extras you want
zdnet user@zdnetonebox.comuser ZDNet onebox is a FREE integrated messaging service, that combines your voicemail, email and faxes into one Inbox and lets you access your messages by computer or phone. Get organized now with your own personal ZDNet onebox!
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